Acc. No Call Number Author Title
R01 TH HF 5549.5 L425 2009 Laxamana, Mary Ann R. Level of satisfaction of Letran-Abucay employees
R02 CP QA 76.76 M385 2009 Martinez, Jumeirah D. Online resources for Letran College Abucay
R03 CP TK 5105.8 A561 2009 Andres, Francis Paulo B. Intranet-based public information kiosk for Orani water district
R04 CP TK 5105.8 D387 2009 Del Rosario, Janina Intranet-based ticketing system of Letran-Abucay
R05 CP QA 76.76 D457 2009 De Silva, Ramcess F. Time record attendance information logging system for Letran-Abucay
R06 CP QA 76.55 D618 2009 Diwa, Elaine P. Letran-Abucay College entrance examination
R07 CP QA 76.55 H173 2009 Halili, Rha Lynn G. Letran-Abucay automated faculty evaluation
R08 CP QA 76.76 G573 2009 Go, Adrian Paul B. Network monitoring system for Letran-Abucay
R09 CP QA 76.55 D321 2009 De Guzman, Tyrone Daryl Back up monitoring system
R10 CP QA 76.76 D326 2009 De Jesus, Jeremy Lloyd G. Letran Abucay biometric aided timekeeping system
R11 CP QA 76.76 C277 2009 Carillo, Jon Louie P. Reservation system for auxiliary department of Letran-Abucay
R12 CP QA 76.76 B516 2009 Bermudez, Mark Joseph M. Electronic scheduling and reservation system for Letran Library and Media Services department
R13 CP QA 76.76 A319 2010 Alanis, Cheysett C. Letran online medical records system
R14 CP QA 76.76 D482 2010 De Torres, Michael L. iSOCA
R15 CP QA 76.76 D333 2010 dela Fuente, Kamile D. Timekeeping system with biometric enhancement for the employees of DPWH
R16 CP QA 76.76 C223 2010 Canio, Peter Froilan N. Redgold Forwarders, Incorporated's automated payroll system
R17 CP QA 76.76 F216 2010 Fantaleon, Khen Maverick Automated enrollment system for Northridge Montessori School
R18 CP QA 76.76 L313 2010 Lapid, Rajiv S. Online sales and inventory monitoring system of Evangelista Auto Supply
R19 CP QA 76.76 H117 2010 Hacinas, John Ian Gabriel L. Ancor service center inventory and online car service record monitoring system
R20 CP QA 76.76 S275 2010 Sazon, John Bryan Computer internet monitoring system of library Letran - Bataan
R21 CP QA 76.76 C957 2010 Cruz, Leslie Janine B. Letran-Bataan students' portal
R22 FS GV 1853 A284 2010 Agustin, Emmylou H. El grande paradis (the grand paradise): chrysanthemum corporation
R23 FS RA 776 B216 2010 Bangug, Christopher T Better bodies fitness and welness center ohana incorporated
R24 FS TX 795 D582 2010 Dimaano, Danica C. House of creams LKRD incorporation
R25 TH HD 62.15 C346 2010 Castaneda, Edmund Jr., B. The status of the quality management of Philgreen Plastic Corporation in Bataan processing zone Mariveles, Bataan: basis for ISO certification
R26 FS TX 795 H557 2011 Hernandez, Jobert P Spoon shots: liquor ice cream
R27 FS TK 6401 C957 2011 Cruz, Johnlery O. Mobile telephone system
R28 FS TK 6401 C317 2011 Carrillo, Marlon P. Mobile telephone system
R29 TH TK 6162 A645 2011 Apostol, Robi G. Telephone cabling and GSM cellular system design
R30 TH TK 6570 C317 2011 Carrillo, Marlon P. GSM cellular system design: telephone wire cabling
R31 TH HF 5549 D332 2011 dela Cruz, Patrick Albert Perceptions on selected inland resorts in Bataan
R32 TH TX 911.3 B931 2011 Bugay, Linnea Potentials of selected hotels of Balanga City: a framework for department of tourism accreditation
R33 TH TX 911.3 C972 2011 Cunanan, Warren R. An assessment of food, services, and physical structure of selected native restaurants in Balanga City, Bataan
R34 TH TX 911.3 O48 2011 Oliveria, Gladys T. The performance of Edsa Shangrila hotel and resort
R35 TH G 155 B345 2011 Bayucot, Igier Darren Community based tourism potentials of selected municipalities in Bataan
R36 TH QK 398 T551 2011 Tiangco, Monalie T. Mangrove development plan in Tortugas: prospect as an ecotourism spot in Bataan
R37 TH TD 789 A574 2011 Andro, danilo Jr., B. Effectiveness of the implementation of the management practices of garbage disposal in Boracay
R38 FS LB 3221 C346 2011 Castaneda, Edmund M. A feasibility study on the establishment of Little Angel's School in Mariveles, Bataan
R39 TH TS 177 C578 2011 Ciriaco, Annie Mae T. An evaluation of the facilities management of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan
R40 TH DS 701 C957 2011 Cruz, Sarah Jane M. Factors affecting loan delinquency and the control practices of Abucay multi-purpose cooperative
R41 CP LB 1028.5 B352 2011 Bautista, Jonathan B. E-learning in philosophy 1 for Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Bataan
R42 CP QA 76.55 D321 2011 De Guia, Rio Margarette M. Bluehouse online reservation system with e-mail notification
R43 CP QA 76.55 D279 2011 David, Erik Steven O. Villa Amanda Resort online reservation system with SMS technology and email notification
R44 TH HF 5548.85 D996 2011 Dy Jongco, Marie Kristine C. An assessment of teacher burnout level as associated with contextual and diversity factors in secondary school in Balanga City
R45 TH TK 9900 C957 2012 Cruz, Johnlery O. Comparative study: digital dual powered variable charger
R46 TH HV 1701 B219 2012 Banzon, Meynard Anthony V. MCU based e-guide for the blind
R47 FS TX 840 P291 2012 Pastelero, Christopher N. Yeahma: yema manufacturer
R48 FS SH 167 C957 2012 Cruz, Sarah Jane M. Freshbits: Bangus longganisa
R49 FS TX 771 D232 2012 Datay, Klaude Adrian S. 3D nutri cakes
R50 FS SF 487 C578 2012 Ciriaco, Annie Mae T. A feasibility study on the veggie stuffed chicken nuggets
R51 TH LA 417 G329 2012 Gengos, Serjohn D. Attrition analysis of Letran Bataan population
R52 TH HG 1615 M266 2012 Manalansan, Darell Descriptive study on loan services of Metrobank in Bataan
R53 TH HF 5415.5 D249 2012 Ma. Margarita R. David Customers' perception on the quality services of Crown Royale Hotel in Balanga City, Bataan
R54 FS LB 1167 A325 2012 Alba, Pamela Joy M. 7th high preschool
R55 CP QA 76.55 L845 2012 Lomibao, Chariben B. PMJ hotel website with reservation system
R56 CP QA 76.575 D355 2012 De Castro, Mon Carlo M. Learning with miles (multimedia interactive learning experience system)
R57 CP QA 76.55 B219 2012 Banzon, Steven S. Letran Bataan online alumni information system
R58 CP QA 76.55 A284 2012 Agustin, Lou Jestel R. Online resources for the municipality of Samal, Bataan
R59 CP QA 76.76 A116 2012 Abadicio, Rafael Gerard P. Letran-Bataan attendance monitoring system with rfid technology
R60 CP QA 76.55 L791 2012 Llanda, Laurus M Paran Mountain Hills Resort online reservation system and email notification
R61 CP QA 76.76 B933 2012 Bulanhagui, Deniel Louis S. Philippine Red Cross Bataan Chapter: patient and donor information system
R62 CP TK 5105.888 G633 2012 Gomez, Criselle Joi D. Guiao furniture website
R63 CP QA 76.55 B725 2012 Boquiren, Michael Jayson P. Online reservation for Raven Resort and Log Cabin
R64 CP LB 1028.5 D333 2011 Dela Fuente, Ramon Jr. B. E-learning system in English plus for Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Bataan.
R65 FS Z 119 M266 2013 Manahan, Abigail T. Offset printing impress
R66 FS GT 3405 B442 2013 Belleza, Solea Jae E. In-style event: event management
R67 FS BX 801 M395 2013 Mascarina, Joel Christian B. The play cube
R68 TH TK 7861.4 D622 2013 Dizon, Paula Bianca O. A project study for the acoustical treatment of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan recording studio
R69 TH QD 1 G999 2013 Guzon, Fortune Carlo H. Automatic focusing fan sensor and proximity sensors
R70 TH T 385 C828 2013 Cortez, Maricris M. A study for the development of an Arduino-based powerpoint slide controller using hand gesture
R71 FS TX 840 P716 2013 Platero, Ronwilson R. Milky tommy
R72 TH HF 5415.5 F134 2013 Fabunan, Charina Mae R. An assessment on the customer satisfaction level of Agua Czarina
R73 TH Z 278 N273 2013 Nate, Loiue Lester E. Students' assessment of the operation of the bookstore of Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan campus
R74 TH HF 5415.5 V726 2013 Villaruz, Nicole Paulyn A. Factors affecting the customer relationship management of selected banks in Dinalupihan Bataan as perceived by the bank clients
R75 TH HF 5629 M251 2013 Malit, Geraldine B. A comparative analysis of in-service education of selected public and private accounting professors in Bataan
R76 TH TT 509 C957 2013 Cruz, Kharl John C. Fashion preferences of selected Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Bataan students
R77 CP TK 9900 E92 2013 Evangelista, Brian S. Galleria Victoria electronics information board system
R78 CP T 58.6 J91 2013 Juco, Marycon Michaela T. DotLetranBataan: letranbataan's student portal
R79 CP QA 76.55 C975 2013 Cureg, Alex Evan R. The Colegio de San Juan de Letran Bataan science high school enrollment system
R80 CP LB 1028.5 C258 2013 Caragay, Carl Aldrin D. Computer - aided instruction via the intranet
R81 CP TK 6570 A664 2013 Arbas, Cedrick Errol B. Student monitoring with RFID and sms system
R82 CP QA 76.76 F274 2013 Favis, Glen Calvin C. LC construction supply sales and inventory system
R83 CP QA 76.55 C957 2013 Cruz, Elizah Faith S. Online reservation system for Del Medi Farm and Resort
R84 CP QA 76.55 J96 2013 Justo, Jonas C. Dennito court hotel monitoring and billing system
R85 CP QA 76.55 I81 2013 Isidro, Bernadette M. Chikuzai's online reservation system with email notification
R86 CP QA 76.55 E87 2013 Eugenio, Joanna Marie A. Llcooll Farm Resort online reservation system with email notification
R87 CP QA 76.76 F634 2013 Flores, Christian Dayle G. Dayle Anne's Boutique sales and inventory system with barcode technology
R88 TH HF 5823 S491 2013 Servera, Carmella Z. Selected fast food advertisement and its impact on consumer expectation and satisfaction
R89 TH PN 2053 S237 2013 Santos, Marla Clarisse C. Young audience's response to theatrical production in Bataan
R90 TH HF 5801 C543 2013 Chiuco, Carissa Maien Denisse A. Advertisex: perceived sexual appeal in television advertisements of selected students of Letran-Bataan
R91 CP QA 76.76 G643 2014 Gonzales, Gio Noel P. A development of a patient information system for St. Michael Hospital
R98 FS TX 840 C932 2014 Crisostomo, Ana Mae B. Kernel cup
R99 FS HD 45 E24 2014 Edrada, Miguel Alfonso C. Triboa company sanserviera surgical suture
R100 FS TS 940 M491 2014 Medina, Diane Kate T. Making convertible shoes using cloth
R101 FS HD 45 G216 2014 Garcia, Gayle P Sweetsop
R102 FS HD 45 C987 2014 Custodio, Frensy D. Cuvies: turmeric soap
R103 TH HF 5549.5 F884 2014 Fresnedy, Rosana M. The organizational evaluation of Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan as perceived by the employees using Mervin Weisbord organizational diagnosis
R104 TH HF 5601 P438 2014 Perez, Jeinna Louise A. An assessment on the budgeting practice of the employees of Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan
R105 TH HF 5415.5 L324 2014 Larman, Luisito III M. Service quality and customer satisfaction: a study of Marcena Resto and KTV Lounge in Abucay, Bataan
R106 TH HF 5549.5 N964 2014 Nueva, Jonathan L. Perception of the crew members on the management styles of Jollibee and McDonald's in Balanga, Bataan
R107 TH HF 5415.5 B219 2014 Bantugan, Rajah G. An assessment on the customer satisfaction level of Andre D'Giant Burger
R108 TH HF 5415.5 L791 2014 Llamado, Yetlyn Dyan R. Knight's cafe: a quality of service as experienced by the students and employees of Colegio de San Juan de Letran
R109 TH QA 76.9 T682 2014 Torga, Adrian Paulo Collegiate evaluation of information management of the information technology center of Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan campu
R110 TH HF 5415.2 B219 2014 Bantugan, Rajah G. Marketing research of La Vista Inland Resort
R111 TH HD 5821 V799 2014 Viovicente, Camille Yzah The promotional strategies of Letran high school: an evaluation
R112 TH NA 1548 L224 2014 Lambino, Nathaniel F. An evaluation of the services offered by St. John Macias Dormitory of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Bataan campus
R113 TH TP 995 C236 2014 Caparas, Ezekiel D. LED lightning system of a piggery with pre-installed anaerobic digester powered by biogas fueled-stroke engine
R114 TH QD 1 A454 2014 Alonzo, James Carlo B. Utilization of relative humidity and thermal-control: an experimental research on the development of greenhouse
R115 TH HE 203 C314 2014 Carreon, Artvyn Lorenz S. Portable intelligent signal lights using real-time image processing for traffic control in a single-lane road construction
R116 TH Z 678.9 M266 2014 Manahan, Michael Joshua Students perception towards e-books
R117 TH PN 1997.85 G296 2014 Gedoria, Jazzlyn Ariana I. The adaptation style of Nicholas Spark's books "The Notebook" and " A Walk to Remember" to films: a content analysis
R118 TH PN 1995.9 B198 2014 Baluyot, Jhunren D. The short-term and the long-term effects of horror films
R119 TH HF 5801 D671 2014 Domingo, Maria Chricel R. Impact of Filipino female celebrity endorsers of apparel to young adults
R120 TH BF 698.4 M843 2014 Mores, Ruden O. The evaluations of communication students on Mr. Arnold Clavio's comments and interview with personalities
R121 TH BF 575 A872 2014 Atienza, Riena Shaine Stress of conscience and coping strategies among mental health care providers
R122 TH L 11 A872 2014 Atienza, Arli Joshua B. A comparative study of the use of self-instructional modules (SIMs) in teaching sentences of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Bataan
R123 TH QA 135.6 M266 2014 Manansala, Christian Faith M. Perseptions of grade 9 students on the use of English as the medium on instruction in Mathematics
R124 TH HM 742 F632 2015 Florencio, Maria Christiana H. Facebook usage: a factor that affects the socialization of selected adolescents
R125 TH HQ 801 B219 2015 Banzon, Kathleen Mae C. Exploring the heterosexual relationship experiences of the students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Bataan
R126 FS TX 803 L791 2015 Llamado, Yetlyn Dyan R. Squash pulaya
R127 FS TX 840 F886 2015 Fresnedy, Rosana M. A feasibility of JNAR's Kalabasa Tart
R128 FS SF 239 B219 2015 Bantugan, Rajah G. GB dairy company: freezing point
R129 TH HF 5549.5 B352 2015 Bautista, Picolla G. Evaluation of the job satisfaction of employees in DJ Roque Construction Company Inc., Limay - Bataan
R130 TH LB 1027 C112 2015 Cabanos, Aimee Evaluation of the satisfaction level of the graduating students of a.y. 2015-2016 based on their Letran Bataan experience
R131 TH HG 179 P123 2015 Padama, Ginnel Katrine G. The spending habits of the students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Bataan: a comparative study
R132 TH PN 1995 H557 2015 Hernando, James S. Anak or "A Mother's Story"?: a comparative analysis of anak and a mother's story filipino movie
R133 TH HF 5548.2 M691 2015 Modesto, Maria Elena D. Music, videos products: attitude of high school and college students of Letran-Bataan towards product placements in music videos
R134 TH HF 6161 B928 2015 Bueno, Shepfrina H. The perception of first year college students of Letran-Bataan towards its billboard advertisement
R135 TH QA 76.5915 C957 2015 Cruz, Ellaine Jasmine C. Prevalence of consumers' use of computer-centric communication devices
R136 TH TJ 163.2 C112 2015 Cabanos, Jeremiah C. Development of harnessing renewable energy source from sea surface waves aided by solar energy
R137 TH GT 4079 V795 2014 Violago, Maria Verginia P. An assessment of environmental, educational and economic aspects of Ibong Dayo Festival
R138 TH LC 1090 B328 2014 Baterna, Bienalyn B. Evaluation of personal and professional development of internartional educational and cultural exchange program participants
R139 TH TD 798 A645 2014 Apostol, Glaiza Jane M. Assessment of "Strawless Campaign" of Jollibee and "No Straw Day" of KFC in Balanga City
R140 TH G 155 C223 2014 Canlas, Kris Marie C. Food identity: basis of tourism in Pampanga as perceived by international tourist
R141 TH HF 5415.5 E82 2014 Estrella, Mary Rosecelle M. Customer relationship management assessment of Crown Royale Hotel
R142 TH GT 4079 S161 2014 Salazar, Michelle A. The impact of Pawikan Festival on changing environmental attitude and awareness
R143 TH HF 5415.335 S964 2014 Susi, Rina Jelle S. Assessment of the level of customer satisfaction of Paseo de Escolta
R144 TH HF 5415.5 G112 2015 Gabaya, Jeanne Pauline C. Assessment of the level of customer satisfaction of the Beanery H-Balanga
R145 TH HF 5415.5 D441 2015 Desamito, Ma. Chaterine Nicole M. Level of expectation and satisfaction of Starbucks' customer in Balanga
R146 TH HF 5415.335 R252 2015 Ravago, Mary Anne G. Levels of customer satisfaction on the hotel services of Crown Royale Hotel Balanga Bataan
R147 TH HD 30.37 C118 2015 Cacabilos, Krizzialyn P. Selecting a tourist destination via social networking sites
R148 TH TX 911.3 G993 2015 Guzman, Praisa I. Marketing strategies of Camaya Coast
R149 TH HF 5415.5 D346 2015 De Leon, Magnolia Level of customer satisfaction on the service quality of Chikuzai
R150 TH HF 5415.335 M212 2015 Magtanong, Arlene May S. An assessment of the level of the customer satisfaction of the Plaza Hotel Balanga City
R151 TH TX 911.3 C828 2015 Cortez, Virginia Marie E. Selection criteria of hr personnel for hospitality industry in hotels and resorts in Bataan on the physical attribute as a basis in hiring HRM applicants
R152 TH QA 76.76 B415 2013 Befetel, John Ronaldo A. Application of automated door lock and lightning on academic rooms using barcode identification
R153 TH QA 76.76 A517 2015 Amistoso, Joy A. GSM monitoring of automated hydroponics system for the normalization of ph and temperature of aqueous solution
R154 TH QA 76.76 I27 2015 Ilano, Jaimie Gemina C. Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan rfid-based profile monitoring system using a microcontroller
R155 FS HD 9999 C957 2015 Cruz, Allan Jay A&L partners rice millers and distributors
R156 TH R 858 M279 2015 Manlapid, Marx Aren A. Gizduino - based inprared pulse rate meter bracelet for coronary thrombosis
R172 FS TX 840 D118 2016 Dacion, John Erick G. A business plan on the ultimate waffle co. food truck inspired
R173 FS TX 840 P113 2016 Pabustan, Trishia R. A business plan on the cheesy express
R174 FS TX 911.3 V854 2016 Vitug, Jon Francis Rio O. A business plan on caheatsun
R175 FS TX 750.5 D592 2016 Dionisio, Colleen May S. Longganisda
R176 FS TX 770 C213 2016 Canare, Lara R. Istik to Juan
R177 FS TX 840 C399 2016 Cepe, Patrice Anne A. Cucurbita's custard
R178 TH HF 5549.5 T187 2016 Tarin, Michelle E. The relationship of organizational climate and organizational commitment of employees of Colegio de San Juan de Letran
R179 TH BF 637 V744 2016 Villeroz, Gregles Irah M. Stress level and personality traits: mediating role of parent need support
R180 TH RC 567 V297 2016 Vargas, Alfonso Allan S. The phenomenology of students motivation in smoking
R181 FS TX 840 J82 2016 Jorge, Jose R. Cerealized
R182 FS TX 803 F634 2016 Flores, Joanne R. A feasibility study on taterrific
R183 FS TX 770 P123 2016 Padama, Ginnel Katrine G. Say cheese! Inc.
R184 TH TD 788.4 D491 2016 De Vera, Camille Karen B. Operational analysis of the solid waste management system of the Municipality of Dinalupihan
R185 TH TD 930 M828 2016 Morales, Edgar Allan A. A survey on waste management practices of selected poultry farms in Brgy. Gabon and the poultry's image as perceived by the nearby residences
R186 TH HD 38.5 E59 2016 Enriquez, Francis Joseph G. Customer's perception towards quality service of G.A Rueda trucking service
R187 TH HF 5549.5 D916 2016 Dungo, John Harris S. Power napping: a determinant to job performance as perceived by the teachers of Saysayin Elementary School
R212 TH HF 5415.32 B668 2017 Bodota, Dainne Ann J. Compulsive buying behavior of selected consumers from Balanga City, Bataan
R213 TH HF 5415.1255 A475 2017 Alviz, Krizel Mariz B. Environmental and ethical practices of Terrace Hotel: a study of the hotel's brand image
R214 TH HF 5415.125 S486 2017 Serquina, Augustin Ra A. Online shopping: customer's trust towards online businesses
R215 TH HF 5549 D249 2017 David, Ma. Carmela R. Influence of human resource practices to the organizational commitment of Letran Bataan HighSchool
R216 TH HC 415 A683 2017 Arevalo, Thea Katherine C. Challenges encountered by microenterprises in Bataan: a business profile study
R217 FS TX 840 G562 2017 Gloria, Gellie D. Frugie crepe
R218 TH TD 930.2 E59 2017 Enriquez, Francis Joseph G. St. Francis piggery farm
R219 FS TX 840 D916 2017 Dungo, John Harris S. HD fried rice balls
R220 FS TX 840 D491 2017 De Vera, Camille Karen B. Fruiffles!
R221 FS TX 840 M828 2017 Morales, Edgar Allan A. F.A.F burger
R222 TH BF 724 C744 2017 Conception, Liza E. Big five personality traits and religions attachment: mediating role of parental attachment
R223 TH BF 697.5 S162 2017 Saldana, Chloe Renee B. A phenomenological inquiry on the self-steem of Filipino LGB adolescents
R224 TH RJ 506 M385 2017 Martinez, Julienne Angelu N. The lived experiences of parents of children having intellectual disability
R225 TH HQ 798 V732 2017 Villegas, Leriza R. The relationships between self-presentations, peer pressure, narcisism and selfie-posting frequency among adolescents on facebook
R226 TH HQ 728 S564 2017 Sibug, Jesusa Veronica J. Analysis on factors of marital satisfaction of employed wives with unemployed husband
R227 TH GV 706.4 R457 2017 Reyes, Mikaela Danielle Z. Comparison of pre-performance anxiety level in student athletes of individual sports and team sports in Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Bataan
R228 FS TX 840 E92 2017 Evangelista, Jose Luis L. A business plan on cheese' r us
R229 FS TX 840 B391 2017 Bechayda. Mikkaella D. A business plan on shake it up
R230 FS TX 840 G936 2017 Guese, Princess Bianca Isabel A. A business plan on espochi ice cream
R231 FS TX 840 B328 2017 Baterna, Mary Grace B. A business plan on sweet sa wrap
R232 FS TX 840 C223 2017 Canlas, Gillian D. A business plan on the establishment of sweeth tooth in Talisay, Balanga City
R233 FS TX 840 R786 2017 Roque, Monica A business plan on tacodude
R234 FS TX 840 D229 2017 Dasmarinas, Fedie B. A business plan on the corn hub
R235 FS TX 840 D332 2017 Dela Cruz, Virra Marrie R. A business plan on span n' roll
R236 FS TX 840 A663 2017 Arazas, Kris Thalia C. A business plan on apple delight
R237 TH HF 5415.123 B172 2017 Balbaloza, Lorraine Ann M. The impact of school advertisements with hard sell and soft sell approach on incoming senior high school students of Bataan National High School and Tomas Del Rosario College
R238 TH GV 1469.15 R136 2017 Rafael, Marc Ryan F. Content analysis of the presentation of product placements in Final Fantasy XV
R239 TH HE 8698 N285 2017 Naty, Raphael M. A look at internet streaming of selected Bataan local radio stations
R240 TH ML 68 H252 2017 Hapin, Akimna S. A content analysis of select Ariana Grande's music video from a feminist perspective
R241 TH PN 1999 M251 2017 Malit, Geneva B Portrayal of princesses in disney animated films
R242 TH HM 742 S578 2017 Signio, Christian Jay G. Attitude of social media towards use of in-app filters
R243 TH PN 1993.5 D333 2017 Dela Fuente, Franeliza S. A comparative study on the impact of romatic movies among selected students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Bataan
R244 TH HD 30.28 G913 2017 Guanzon, George Neil R. Jollibee foods corporation
R245 TH HD 30.28 B624 2017 Bitonio, Ronalyn L. Asiawide lande specialist deveopment corporation
R246 FS TX 840 S486 2018 Serquina, Augustin Ra A. Rollin' shop in
R247 TH TE 228.3 V718 2018 Villanueva, Erickson M. Expectation vs perception (a servqual analysis of Bataan Provincial Bus Transport)
R248 FS TX 840 C143 2018 Calata, Fernan Christopher P. A project feasibility on "pizza apa"
R249 FS TX 840 A683 2018 Arevalo, Thea Katherine C. Top-pings snack house
R250 FS TX 840 B172 2018 Balba, Gio Nello G. A business plan on taro within
R251 FS TX 840 E19 2018 Eclar, Kristian Danielle T. A project feasibility on the wip hub
R252 CP QA 76.76 L864 2018 Lopez, Jenina S. Lucky haven resort online reservation system with sms notfication
R253 CP QA 76.76 S194 2018 Sandoval, Justel V. Online reservation system of instructional materials for Letran Bataan College LIbrary & Media Services
R254 CP QA 76.76 D275 2018 Dayao, Leane Joy T. Computerized point of sales and inventory for Angelito's Pizza and Restaurant
R255 CP QA 76.76 C119 2018 Cacho, Gabriel M. Online ordering and reservation system for the food project
R256 TH QA 76.76 A352 2018 Alcid, Howard Lee Kerby S. Computerized sales and inventory system for Abucay Multi-Purpose Cooperative Grocery Store
R257 CP QA 76.76 C957 2018 Cruz, Darwin R. Online sales and inventory system for Wiggies Ice Cream, Inc.
R258 TH RA 399 B327 2018 Basuin, Denmar An outpatient satisfaction perception on Bataan General Hospital quality care program