Part of library administration which deals with the assistance given to the readers in their use of the resources of the library. Library users are encouraged to approach any of the library staff for assistance in locating books and other library materials. Direct instruction is also given regarding the use of other resources and facilities. Librarians and staff are available for consultation and can assist library users in their research and use of information services.


Referral letters are issued to researchers to source out materials from other libraries in case such holdings are not available in the Letran Library. Outside researchers are also allowed to use the library collections subject to the rules and regulations of the Letran library.


The Letran Library provides photocopying facilities and services to maximize the use of materials and to facilitate easier research among its users.


Through this service, faculty members and students are introduced to the use of information sources, facilities, and services of the department.


Indexing is provided for important newspaper articles and relevant journal articles. Clippings and vertical files are arranged in folders according to subject.


The Library provides bibliographic listings by subject to faculty members who are preparing their syllabi and readings list. With the On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC), this service may also be extended to students who are preparing for their reviews of literature and bibliographies for their research.


All the activities and processes concerned with obtaining and processing library materials for use.